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All of us, in Vietnam, can feel the rapid and obvious change of this country, and an exponential development of an economy recognized by the rest of the world, especially after Vietnam has joined the World Trade Organization. We are honor to know that part of such achievement is the contribution of each of us. Despite such exhilarating development, somewhere inside us, in each region, each province, there still exists dark corners. Such is inevitable. Those dark corners exist codependently, becoming more dangerous, sophisticated and increasing in number.

As society develops, we find our daily lives more meaningful. The more opportunities we have to enjoy what our fruits of labor have brought us, the more we realize the importance of safety and security. Vietnam is held in high regards by international investors in many aspects, but the most prominent one is, arguably, the stability of security and peace. This gives reassurance to investors to make long-term investments and to consider Vietnam their second home country.
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